I’m here to help you !    
  I offer dog walking, pet sitting, overnight stays, trips to
vet, basic medical care(fluid therapy, injections, oral and
topical medications), nail trims, ear cleaning, anal gland
expression, etc. I specialize in exotics so I can even take
care of you pocket pets. Lizards, snakes, hamsters, guinea
pigs, ferrets, fish, turtles, and birds are no problem. I will
even bring your pets to my home if necessary and needed.    

I have specialized training in emergency medicine
(certified in pet CPR and emergency care) and have worked
for several local veterinarians and managed a  pet resort.

I have a criminal record clearance and have several
references upon request.
Do you spend long days at the office, and
want to make sure your pets get attention,
exercise, food and fresh water?
Are you going out of town and can’t find a
place to board a cat or an exotic pet?
Do you have an older or just shy pet who
wouldn't do well in a kennel situation?
Are you unable to take time off work for a
veterinarian visit?
Does your pet just need the extra special
medical attention, insulin injections, timed
feedings, fluid therapy,
Maybe you just need your yard poop scooped
Hello, I’m Reba, a trained Veterinary technician who has been
working with animals For over a decade.  After working in both
the hospitality and veterinary setting and listening to pet
owners express common needs, I decided to open my own pet
care service.  My mission is to assist people with the care of
their animals, by providing the same care and attention to their
pets that they give.
Check out Reba's Pet Services  at
Facebook: Reba Luvspets
Please Spay and Neuter your Pets!!! Thanks Reba